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Silicon Valley. It would be hard for any network to top the impact of the "Traitorous Eight," the employees who left Shockley Semiconductor to start Fairchild Semiconductor. Almost every chip company in the valley, including Intel and AMD, can trace its roots to that group. The company’s IPO and sale to eBay generated huge wealth for several co founders, including Elon Musk, who went on to co found Tesla and Space X; Peter Thiel, who started a billion dollar hedge fund called Clarium Capital Management, was the first investor in Facebook and launched the venture firm Founders Fund with two other PayPal co founders; and Levchin, who created a startup incubator before launching Slide. But they weren’t the only PayPal alumni to move on to big things. "You had a lot of
Wholesale jerseys from China people familiar with the startup process, but still hungry," said Dave McClure, a PayPal alum and founding general partner at 500 Startups, a venture fund and incubator that just raised a $30 million investment

also taking groundwater. The September quake was just a matter of time, with underground channels now becoming waterless fractures/fissures, linking together, the beginning of a domino effect, land stability wise. Can you please explain the effect water pressure has re earthquakes? Anonymous (Australia). Reinjection of geothermal fluids (where geothermal fluids are pumped into the ground after use for power generation). Typically the magnitude of induced earthquakes is small. These effects are not always observed and sometimes links between cause and effect are difficult to prove. The groundwater system under Canterbury is being "worked harder" by the urban population and rural users. Summer groundwater levels have been declining over time as the city population increases. Drainage of much of Christchurch City since the early days has reduced shallow groundwater levels and groundwater extraction for
Cheap jerseys from China agricultural use has increased over time. I asked a GNS scientist about the effects

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