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transporters, made its first journey along the Pampa la Bola arm and for the first time relocated an antenna to a position seven kilometers away from its furthest neighbour. This marks a major new technical achievement in the Atacama Desert in Chile, at more than 5000 metres above sea level. This new baseline is more than four times longer than is currently available to the ALMA scientific community, and tests of even longer baselines are in progress. Catherine Vlahakis, Program Scientist for the ALMA Long Baseline Campaign says that: "successfully powering up an antenna for the first time over these long distances marks an important technical step towards increasing ALMA’s ability to see objects in the Universe in fine detail". A distant ALMA antenna This image shows an ALMA antenna on a distant pad in the Pampa la Bola branch, with Japanese ASTE and NANTEN2 telescopes in the background. ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), T.
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case, and having blogged quite a bit about it, too, I was interested to see what I would learn from Saturday night special on the Anthony Graves case (aptly titled, National spotlight on one of the worst moments in Texas justice The Anthony Graves case will be featured this weekend, Saturday night, on CBS 48 Hours Mystery. Just in time for the 175th anniversary of Texas winning its independence from Mexico. By fact and reason, Tod conclusion is wrong. Rivas was a horrific, nasty criminal, serving multiple life sentences, before he escaped and then murdered Aubrey Hawkins, an Irving police officer who was a father, husband, son and protector of Tod community. Why would anyone believe Rivas is truthful, that he welcomed execution because he would be character, what Rivas was doing was spitting in the eye of Texas and Rivas many victims and their survivors by saying, really won, here, I got what I wanted freedom. has as much credibility, honesty and reason as Charlie Sheen Deluded were those

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